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Honest (and possibly brutal) reviews from drone pilots without marketing bias. Drone pilots from all over the globe share their experiences with their drone(s) so that other pilots can make an informed decision before making a purchase!

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"It's great to come to a place where there is no bias placed upon a product other than the user's honest experience and opinion of it."

– Kyle Smith, Drone Pilot

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Drone Maintenance Checklist

Need some guidance for checking up your drone, maintaining battery health, transporting your drone properly etc.?

This checklist can help you maintain your drone and avoid unnecessary failures as drone maintenance is key to your flight safety. Follow these simple tips will help you properly maintain your drone.

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Important Laws by Location

Got a drone? Learn the drone laws before you take flight, otherwise you risk big fines!

Anyone flying in a careless and reckless manner could face civil and criminal penalties, as well as jail time. The FAA could fine you up to $27,500 for civil penalties and/or up to $250,000 for criminal penalties.

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