A Self-Taught Developer and LinkedIn

May 28, 2019 - 1 min read

Today I received a message on LinkedIn from one of my connections. Here’s a screencap of the message preview from my iPhone:

The screencap somehow got deleted, please enjoy this cat noping into a cardboard box instead 🙃

To summarize what the screencap was about, my friend on LinkedIn sent me a message congratulating and encouraging me on breaking into the tech scene as a self-taught developer. They said watching my progress and achievements inspired them to go into the field and learn on their own.

We chatted briefly on LinkedIn and did a little Q&A. At the end of the conversation, I left the door open for any future questions.

What This Means To Me

I was definitely happy to learn that another person became inspired through following my journey as a self-taught front-end developer. Maybe to someone else this might seem like a simple exchange of words, but it really inspired me. I worked so hard to get here, and sometimes I'm so hard on myself thinking I'm not even any good.

My friends message was a reminder that I have accomplished something worth praise. That said, I want to encourage anyone reading this to take a moment and realize how far you've come. Nice work, friend.

Okay, mini-rant over 😅

At the end of the day, I wanted to write about my pleasant surprise. Thank you for encouraging me to keep at it. I hope you go forward in the direction that makes you happy!